These Harry Potter teaching resources are ideal for keeping your class engaged and attentive throughout their lessons.

The Harry Potter franchise has proven to be one of the best-loved creations among children in the history of literature and film. For over 20 years, the magical stories about 'The Boy Who Lived' have been responsible for developing a love of literature and firing up the imaginations of the children who read them. With a vast range of films and stories supplementing the original seven books, children are able to truly immerse themselves in the Harry Potter universe.

This makes these Harry Potter teaching resources ideal tools to help add some excitement to your lessons. Each resource is designed to resemble a particular task a character from the Harry Potter wizarding universe might have to deal with. This helps make the task extra immersive, aiding memory retention and children's motivation to learn.

Children who are already familiar with the stories will be sure to adore these Harry Potter teaching resources, but they're also a fantastic way to encourage children who haven't yet discovered the series to fall in love with reading.” (Twinkl)

There are lots of really useful Harry Potter resources on this webpage from Twinkl. Whilst many Twinkl resources are free, some require subscription.

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