"This collection of Funky Facts from Go Jetters focuses on Africa, a vast continent spanning the Equator and containing more than fifty countries and many different climate zones and landscapes.

The overview clip below summarises the continent in simple terms whilst hinting at its diversity and wonder.

The other clips reveal facts from other parts of this huge continent including:

  • Egypt, in the north of this continent, famed for its ancient pyramids/
  • Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa, home to the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park.
  • Kenya’s Maasai Mara to the east, with its famed mass annual wildebeest migration.
  • To the south, Table Mountain, a flat-topped mountain overlooking South Africa’s capital city, Cape Town.

These brief selections provide a useful, contrasting set of locations to help introduce this enormous continent to pupils." (BBC)


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