This resource contains a number of ideas for both teaching about space and for using space as a context for learning in other subject areas. They are:

• Poems - using different types of poems in science and some space poetry words.

• Songs and music - lists of songs concerning space and examples of space songs from clusterweb.

• Children hot-seating - with names of people linked to space to research and role-play.

• Cross curricular space ideas - ideas on how to use space across the whole curriculum including mathematics, design and technology, english, RE, PSHE, thinking skills, history, geography, music, ICT, PE and art.

• Odd one out - a game where children highlight the odd one out and give reasons why.

• Planet art - how to use different techniques in art to create models and pictures of the planets and solar system.

• Positives, minuses and interesting - challenge children to find positives, minuses and interesting points for different ideas related to space. 

• Problem solving activities - suggestions for problem solving activities related to space.

• Pupils as researchers in a space topic - suggestions for research topics with space theme.

• The big space question - “big” questions about space to discuss in speaking and listening.

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