This short (4.59 min) film, from BBC Bitesize, explores the work of Mary Anning; the famous paleontologist and fossil hunter.

This film explores how Mary Anning used her findings to gain an insight into the Jurassic past. She lived in Dorset in 1823 and used to go fossil hunting in Lyme Regis. She was one of the first palaeontologists and originally worked with her father. In this vlog style video she explains the scientific method of observing, recording data and concluding. She also outlines how she uses scientific method and process to think about fossils found in rocks, and how to classify them using recently developed classification systems. Mary Anning was an early female scientist who had her fossils placed in a museum in London. She found a large plesiosaur, which means fish lizard, some ammonites and belemnites. She also found an ichthyosaurus and dinosaur ‘poo’ which is called coprolite. Then a pterosaur which is a flying reptile. Her work helped scientists gain an insight into how many million years old the earth is, and the animals that roamed the planet.

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