KS2 Physical Education Ball sports resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. There are 14 really useful PE Ball Sports video clips on this site from BBC Bitesize:

  • An introduction to squash - duration: 01.30 min. Squash professional Linda John Smith talks about her life as a squash player.

  • An introduction to volleyball - duration: 01.18 min. An introduction to the game of volleyball is given by 14-year-old Billy.

  • Basketball - an introduction - duration: 01.16 min. An introduction to the basic aspects of basketball.

  • Football scoring challenge - duration: 11.12 min. Schoolchildren are given a football themed maths challenge by Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky.

  • Football scoring percentages challenge - duration: 10.24 min. Arsenal’s Tomas Rosicky sets schoolchildren an exciting football maths challenge.

  • Improving your football skills - duration: 01.10 min. Professional footballer Matt Holland gives top tips for becoming a footballer.

  • Playing squash and how the shape of the ball changes upon impact - duration: 00.48 min. What happens when a squash ball hits a wall and what forces are in play?

  • Table tennis skills - duration: 01.38 min. Table tennis champion Matthew Syed plays a game with Hung Kei Li from Hong Kong.

  • The perfect three-point basketball shot - duration: 01.08 min. John Amaechi gives top tips on how to score a perfect three-point shot.

  • Wheelchair dancers -  duration: 00.31 min. A choreographed sequence showing three male dancers in wheelchairs.

  • Why should girls get involved in netball? - duration: 06.35 min. England netball player Sasha Corbin encourages girls to get involved in Netball.

  • Why should girls play cricket? - duration: 07.06 min. Former England cricketer and World Cup winner Isa Guha encourages girls to play cricket.

  • Why should girls play football? - duration: 06.17 England captain Steph Houghton encourages girls to participate in football.

  • Why should girls play rugby? - duration: 06.12 min. Former England rugby captain Katy McLean encourages girls to try rugby.

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