KS2 Physical Education Adventure and outdoors resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. There are six really useful PE video clips about outdoor and adventure sports on this site from BBC Bitesize:

  • How Carl Hester became an Olympic gold medallist in dressage - duration: 03.58 min. Equestrian Carl Hester shares how he won a gold medal in the Olympic Games, London 2012.

  • How Etienne Stott was inspired to become a top canoeist - duration: 04.04 min. Etienne Stott recalls the experiences that spurred an 'ordinary kid' onto victory.

  • How Gemma Gibbons became an Olympic medal winner in judo - duration: 04.32 min. Gemma Gibbons recalls the moments that led to her winning a silver medal at London 2012.

  • How Katherine Grainger was inspired to become an Olympic rower - duration: 03.34 min. Katherine Grainger shares key moments that led to her sporting success at London 2012.

  • Traditional climbing - duration: 03.31 min. Mike and Emma explain what is involved in traditional climbing and why they enjoy it.

  • Wind resistance in cycling - duration: 01.23 min. An interview with Rod Ellingworth, a professional cycle racer.

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