Lots of good information and further WW2 links on this site from Woodlands School, by Mandy Barrow. This site has a lot of very useful information presented in simple language, ideal for children to access. The information is split into many headings and illustrated with genuine images, posters etc.The following questions are explored:

  • How did the Second World War start?

  • When did World War Two begin?

  • Why did the Second World War start?

  • What countries fought on which side?

  • Who were the main leaders in World War Two?

  • How did people protect themselves during the war?

  • What effect did the war have on people?

  • What was the Home Front?

  • When did World War II end?

The reading and history elements of this site makes it more suitable for KS2 children; however, teachers of KS1 children studying the topic may also find it useful.

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