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The 123HUB is a FREE resource bank and teaching community for primary school teachers. It has been designed to assist teachers in finding good quality online resources. Our aim is to take the effort and guesswork out of finding the best online resources that are available for the primary school curriculum. All of the resources on the 123HUB have been hand picked by teachers.


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Our great new theme to welcome you back in September is the 'Tudors and Stuarts'!



The Tudors and Stuarts. This month's featured theme is the engaging topic of The Tudors (1485-1603) and Stuarts (1603-1714).  The study of this period in history, along with its kings and queens, has always proved to be a favourite with children and we have over 60 fabulous Tudor and Stuart themed websites on offer.

Together, the resources cover Tudor and Stuart:  royalty, history, life, religion, exploration and much more besides. The theme also includes famous historic events such as the Great Fire of London, The Spanish Armada, The Civil War and more. Famous people of the period are also explored, including: the kings and queens, Samuel Pepys, Oliver Cromwell, and Shakespeare to name a few.

As always, the resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, timelines, illustrations, audio and video clips, as well as some detailed planning - each of which will effectively support this extremely interesting and very wide-ranging theme.





Harvest Festival. Harvest Festival is nearly upon us! It is a time when farmers and others give thanks for a successful harvest. In the past, large meals were shared among family and friends but in more recent times, the festival has become more about sharing with those less fortunate than ourselves, or raising funds for worthy causes. Many schools celebrate Harvest Festival. In addition to our great themed resources above, why not make use of our 12 really useful Harvest Festival resources?  Click here to view them.



The featured theme is updated monthly during the school year. Watch out for our terrific ‘Famous People’ resources coming in October 2017!



Recently Archived Themes

Jul & Aug 2017

Explorers and Exploration.   Our Featured Theme for July and August 2017 is the amazing topic of ‘Explorers and Exploration’. We look at explorers, their significant exploration accomplishments and the remarkable human endeavour and tenacity required in achieving their respective ambitions. There are 70 superb themed websites on offer covering many famous explorers and their marvellous achievements in discovery. We look closely at the history, geography and human effort involved in the exploration of: our world, our oceans, our early trade routes, our mountains, our poles, outer space and more.


BrainPOP is on the 123HUB

123ICT are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer BrainPOP curriculum video resources at a discounted rate as part of our Computing curriculum support to our schools. In addition, there are now a number of FREE BrainPOP resources available here on the 123HUB.

What is BrainPOP?

BrainPOP create high quality digital tools and curriculum content that children can use to learn in a way that’s best for them. BrainPOP also supports the teachers who guide them.


Find out more about our BrainPOP resources on the 123HUB...



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